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I have been doing the "splits" in action in China cheap michael kors and the US both countries to do the marketing, euphemistically called "cross-border bridge" is indeed "fence", but the winner of the "two tear force discipline (ti) read (si) product (gui) ".
There are headquarters to do marketing people understand this in the middle of the pain, cheap michael kors bags can not understand the United States in China's slow and slow, in the United States can not understand China's rough and confusing. I have spent at headquarters and China, fake michael kors communication is a kind of pain breathing. I've been thinking about my public number of marketing I can say something unique, and finally thought of one, it is about the Sino-US marketing of (tu) ratio (cao).
Today open the first chapter begins, Americans how to do marketing? (This map gun fight is really far). Better to alleviate pressure points, for next I saw, experienced, and enjoy the American Marketing.
Disclaimer: The following map cannon pure, not-fits-all, fake michael kors bags foreign moon is not necessarily more round, welcome to discuss Sino-US marketers share.
Today I want to talk about spit these two:
1. it must be a separate brand and sales of
2. Lifestyle (Lifestyle) & Content Marketing (Content Marketing)
Brand and sales must be to separate
The story from the cacti begin with. MK was in content and marketing headquarters managers often sit together to discuss global content setting, a very important platform is Instagram. Our principle is Instagram must be flawless, like you, like your face, all meticulously arrangement between each put up, there cheap michael kors is a sense of smooth color lines. Day we decided to arrange a given day under the blue sky Cactus instagram pictures. There is no product placement.
Yes, at that time such a decision has caused a tear to force the two departments brand marketing) and between retail marketing. Responsibilities before a department is to build brand and loyal fans, to maintain social platform and community, is responsible for creative marketing. After a division of responsibilities is the pick, purchase, sellers, responsible for sales and operations. Similar to the domestic retail marketing and sales channels. After they saw that I was angry ...... sellers so hard, you give me put a cactus, what is your motivation for what principle can increase the number of sales?! Later this post was deleted, into a bare pack.
Now, I come to China, we are often in the United States, retail marketing. "Sale" of, carry a burden, looking at the people who make the brand marketing, there are two different departments to build a brand. Simply use creative ways to make the core values, to build the brand brand and create a brand of a real fan group of (brand community), was presented, KPI is not a sale, is impressive , Engagement, mention, emotion, brand awareness. Brand marketing is a marketing funnel in the above paragraph, goal is to everyone as brands, sometimes as much as Let's take a look at the brand, is again back the user's retention work to funnel, user-down funnel slide It will discuss do you make.
Establishment of a love of brand and accurate delivery of high-quality content, I can not think of how many sell orders. It does not bow a good brand and sales side, in order to find a down its own core user, loyal fans, they, they are a spiritual satisfaction and brand who love the brand that I can not betray the fan Let's get. cheap michael kors You are if you have a load of sales, the people of brand marketing reaches the hard short-term promotional push for the goal, forget the long-term brand and do.michael kors handbags Of course, if you can kill the nature and two birds one stone, the best is, but the long-term considerations, if the brand sales have been made to flop mesh, it certainly We will not go bad.
Now with the combination of the two aspects of the brand and retail perspective coupled with the knowledge of the product manager responsibilities, I believe that a brand's largest head marketing is actually CEO. To connect all the things, we must dare to invest in a concept and can not hold back the promotion for the main purpose is willing to look at the long line of people, at least I did not see a few in china.
Do brand people and do retail's people or to separate the cheap michael kors sale good, the brand will always replica michael kors look at the long line, how to let consumers really like the brand and ensure its value. Retail always needs to sell, how to change the pattern and channels to achieve maximum revenue. On both sides always fight.cheap michael kors Product, brand, retail, design, supply chain, if can be in the United Front in order to unify the idea is how good the matter. Unfortunately, the reality is that the supply chain can not afford to support products, products and brands, in order to sacrifice the disjointed retail products, design is not down to earth to keep up with the times, marketing and creative draw further apart.
Lifestyle & content marketing
Here, we should introduce the contents of the United States marketing. Why everyone has an impression that the United States of America's advertising creative than China's good than China's good this is not necessarily, this year, China has a lot of very interesting advertising case, very bold. replica michael kors But back to this topic, from the point of view of a map gun, the answer is yes. Why?
Because to take on a topic, the brand and the sales are separated, and as the output of the brand content
Brand to another country, the brand presents ways and channels will have a mutation. Then the smart headquarters, even if the thinking is not global, will use their own judgment and veto many. The best way is to give each other ideas, and give the opportunity to try, to find the same idea but the local talent to give autonomy, michael kors free shipping the sooner the more you want to let each other have to try, you can start to learn.